1 6 hexamethylenediamine

Hexamethylenediamine or 1,6-hexanediamine is a diamine with a hexamethylene hydrocarbon chain and amine functional groups at each end. Formula: C6H16N2. Molecular mass: Boiling point: °C Melting point: °C Relative density (water = 1): Solubility in water: soluble. Buy high purity 1,6-Hexanediamine analytical standards from Chem Service Inc. Shop NG today for special offers and discounted shipping. (). Additional Names: Hexamethylenediamine; 1,6-diaminohexane. Molecular Formula: C6H16N2. Molecular Weight: Percent Composition: C %, H %. Structure of 1,6-HEXANEDIAMINE DIHYDROCHLORIDE SHOW STEREO HIDE STEREO. InChI=1S/C6H16NClH/c;;/hH2;2*1H. HIDE SMILES / InChI. Hexane-1,6-diamine Dihydrochloride. Synonyms: 1,6-Hexanediamine, hydrochloride (), Hexamethylenediamine Dihydrochloride, RT. 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION. Product Name. 1,6-Hexanediamine 1,6-Diaminohexane; Hexamethylenediamine. Recommended Use. Laboratory chemicals.

HEXAMETHYLENEDIAMINE. HMD. CAUTIONARY RESPONSE INFORMATION. Common Synonyms. Solid. Colorless. Weak ammonia odor. Floats and mixes with water. 1, Hexamethylene diamine ≥99,5 %, for synthesis. Article number. CAS number. Alternative name(s). 1,6-diaminohexane. hexamethylene diamine 1,6-diaminohexane ; FDA Mainterm (IAUFC): ; HEXAMETHYLENEDIAMINE ; Organoleptic Properties: Odor and/or flavor descriptions from.

Aladdin offers a number of 1,6-Diaminohexane Dihydrochloride,Hexamethylenediamine Dihydrochloride;1,6-Hexanediamine Dihydrochloride;hexane-1,6-diamine. Mono-(1,6-Hexamethylenediaminedeoxy)-Beta-Cyclodextrin · Item. Quality Index · Appearance. white powder · Purity. >=98% · Application. Organic amine groups in a. Description, Compound Name, hexamethylenediamine 1,6-hexanediamine 1,6-diaminohexane.

1,6-HEXANEDIAMINE. Chemical Identification. CAS #, Formula. C₆H₁₆N₂. 1,6-Diaminohexane is mainly used as a monomer to make nylon Its derivative hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI) is used in the production of polyurethane. safety hazards of Hexamethylene Diamine to potentially exposed workers. 1,6-Hexanediamine. Other Names: HMDA; 1,6-Diaminohexane; Hexamethylenediamine.

Aldrich-H; Hexamethylenediamine ; CAS No.: ; Synonyms: 1,6-Diaminohexane; 1,6-Hexanediamine; HMDA; Linear Formula: NH2(CH2)6NH2;. 1,6-Hexanediamine · Formula: C6H16N · Molecular weight: · IUPAC Standard InChI: InChI=1S/C6H16N2/c/hH2 Copy · IUPAC Standard InChIKey. A synthetic, non-absorbable, monofilament or multifilament made of a chemically inert polyamide thermoplastic of hexamethylenediamine and adipic acid (Tan et al.

1,6-Hexanediamine. Documents: SDS | Specifications | C of A & Other Certificates | Analytical Charts. hexamethylenediamine · 1,6-hexanediamine · 1,6-diaminohexane · HMDA · hexamethylene diamine · 1,6-hexylenediamine · 1,6-diamino-n-hexane · H2N(CH2)6NH2. This compound is also known as 1,6-hexanediamine and hexamethylenediamine. Synthesis Method, HMDA can be synthesized by the reaction of hexamethyleneimine. 1,6-Diaminohexane (Hexamethylenediamine) L.R.. Available in these Sizes (CH2)thisdayicon.ru2. Molecular Weight, Melting Point,

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1,6-Hexanediamine, +%, Thermo Scientific Chemicals. Specification SheetCertificates SDS. Thermo Scientific Chemicals. 1,6-Diamino-n-hexane; 1,6-Diamino-n-hexane; 1,6-Diaminohexane; 1,6-Diaminohexane; 1,6-Hexandiamin; 1,6-Hexanediamine (7CI, 8CI, 9CI); 1,6-Hexanediamine (7CI. 1,6-HEXANEDIAMINE. CAS number: Synonyms: 1,6-Diaminohexane; Hexamethylenediamine (HMDA). Molecular formula: C6H16N2. Chemical Substance. Systematic Name: 1,6-Hexanediamine. IUPAC Name: Hexane-1,6-diamine. CAS Number: EPA Registry Name: Hexamethylenediamine. SpectraBase Spectrum ID, LpJtyrclAhc. Name, 1,6-Hexanediamine. Alternate Name(s), 1,6-Diamino-n-Hexane 1,6-Diaminohexane 1,6-Hexamethylenediamine 1. Empirical FormulaC6H16N2; Linear FormulaH2N(CH2)6NH2; ClassSolids; ChemistrySolutions; FormSolid; Synonyms1,6-Diaminohexane, Hexamethylenediamine. 1,6-Hexanediamine, 70% Solution in Water, 4L, Each. BOC Sciences is the world-leading provider of special chemicals. We offer qualified product Mono(6-(1,6-hexamethylenediamine)deoxy)-beta-cyclodextrin. 1,6-Hexanediamine, 70% Solution in Water. Hexamethylenediamine. Chemical Formula. C6H12N2. Synonym(s), 1,6-Diaminohexane; Hexamethylenediamine. Isotopic Enrichment, 98 atom % D. Formula, H 2NCD 2(CH 2) 4CD 2NH 2. Molecular Weight,
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